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KUTOA "Khanga Collection"

KUTOA "Khanga Collection"

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This beautiful khanga title "Kutoa Ni Moyo" which translates to "Giving is to have a heart", is a message of love and prosperity for the wearer and those blessed to see it. Adorned with beautiful flowers and colorful patterns, this khanga is a delight. The material is light and perfect for warmer days. 

 Made from Morogoro, Tanzania, the material is great for daily wear as a body wraps, head ties, beach wraps, picnic cloth, decorating walls, gifting, making into dresses, shirts, pillowcases, or any other amazing craft ideas you might have.


  • Khanga "Kutoa Ni Moyo" is made up of fine cotton fabric. Khanga comes as a pair called “doti” in native Swahili language, spanning 59x41inches.  It comes uncut, hence the full size is about 118x41 inches. Care must be taken when cleaning it to ensure that colors remain vibrant for longer period. Best washed with cold water with like colors. DO NOT USE BLEACH. Use mild detergent. Wash and iron inside out. Line dry or use low heat setting in dying machine. Lightly iron on low heat.

  • There are many ways to wear khanga including turning it into beautiful skirts and shirt. Traditionally khanga is worn around the house, for carrying babies, making decorative table clothes, curtains, picnic table or beach wear. It is also best when gifted to others, especially during wedding ceremonies. It is incredibly versatile! Check out our gallery for ideas or our YouTube channel for ways to wear your khanga with or without stitching.


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