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WEMA "Khanga collection"

WEMA "Khanga collection"

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Khanga comes in a rectangular shape, approximately 60 x 45 inches, or 1.5 m x 1.0 m in size.  Our designs also have a proverb, riddle, messages of love, prosperity or religion written on them which is called “Msemo” in Swahili, meaning “a saying”. When purchasing khanga design, the saying makes it easy to recognize at the shops. Often women purchase different khangas with different sayings to express how they feel about a particular person or situation. It is a great method of expression.

These sayings can range from messages of love, prosperity, and religion to just random things. This pair comes with a saying "Ninakushukuru kwa Wema Wako" which means "I thank you for your kindness". It is also very common to present this to the female members of the family at a wedding. It is also used to carry children or luggage making it quite practical in daily practices.


  • Khanga "WEMA" is made using premium 100% cotton material that is sourced in Tanzania, East Africa. Traditional Two-sided prints of this fabric reflect the heritage, fashion of each time, and depends upon the age of the wearer.

  • It’s a fabric that represents a channel through which an independent and collective identity is preserved. An aesthetically breezy cloth with tones to say. There’s a reason the Swahili proverb, ‘A woman can’t be happy until she has a thousand Kangas’ exists

  • Khanga comes as a pair called “doti” in native Swahili language. Care must be taken when cleaning it to ensure that colors remain vibrant for longer period. Best washed with cold water with like colors. DO NOT USE BLEACH. Use mild detergent. Wash and iron inside out. Line dry or use low heat setting in dying machine. Lightly iron on low heat.

  • There are many ways to wear khanga including turning it into beautiful skirts and shirt. Traditionally khanga is worn around the house, for carrying babies, making decorative table clothes, curtains, picnic table or beach wear. It is also best when gifted to others, especially during wedding ceremonies. It is incredibly versatile! Check out our gallery for ideas or our YouTube channel for ways to wear your khanga with or without stitching.


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