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MOYONI "Khanga collection"

MOYONI "Khanga collection"

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Khanga is a rectangle of pure cotton cloth with a border all around it and printed in bold designs and bright colors. It is approximately 60 x 45 inches when cut or 120 x 45 inches uncut. Khangas are often bought in pairs and are usually worn in a most attractive and useful way. Most traditional outfits require a matched or unmatched pair. Women also use khangas to cover other clothes and to carry their young children on their backs. Khangas are also used as tablecloths and decorative wall hangings.

Khangas use a variety of African sayings, idioms, proverbs, slogans, expressions, idioms, and riddles in Swahili and English. Many of the sayings are messages (hidden/coded or otherwise) that women communicate with each other. Usually, the saying is printed on the bottom middle of the cloth. More recent East African khangas also contain informational and educational messages. This particular collection's saying is "Mungu Akiwa Moyoni Kumkosea Hutamani" which means "When God is in your heart you have no desire to wrong him". 


  • This is one unstitch cloth piece carried many style ideas that feature in our summer African fashion guide. The prints look great when worn with bold statement, dangly earrings too.

  • All our women’s African khanga collection is made using 100% cotton material to make it soft, comfortable, breathable, and durable. 

  • There are so many colorful khanga prints to choose from, this being one of them.

  • It is suggested that fabric should be hand washed or machine wash cold with very mild detergent. Due to the easy wash strategy, the khanga collection is the most popular choice among women. 

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