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RIZIKI "Khanga collection"

RIZIKI "Khanga collection"

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Fashion doesn’t have to be too much, simple is the new glow. From the bright colors and lightweight feel, it's fun to have this beautiful khanga print. Simple as it seems the design elements cannot be ignored. The khanga print communicates its hotness through the intelligent use of red and yellow dots with the black background prints.

This khanga carries a beautiful saying "Mwenye Upendo Haikosi Riziki" meaning "The one with love will never miss opportunities".  I mean what is a girl gonna do? This pearl drop print would make the perfect Khanga prom dress any season. Measuring approximately 120 x 45 inches of uncut fabric gives more than enough to play around with. This is a masterpiece!


  • You tell yourself that you’ll stop shopping when you find the perfect khanga. With African print materials, it’s a vicious cycle.

  • Due to the colorful and bold patterns, the designs can bring life to a party and help you to stand out from the crowd. Hand wash it by using the mild detergent

  • RIZIKI "Khanga collection" is made up of 100% cotton unstitched fabric, which is soft, comfortable, and durable. Perfectly easy to wash fabric!

  • There are numerous ways of wearing khanga. They can be worn as a top, skirt, shawl, cape, belt, headpiece, or even a swimsuit. The most common style is the traditional dress, which is worn like a towel or a skirt, wrapped around your hips. 



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