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SHUKRANI "Khanga collection"

SHUKRANI "Khanga collection"

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An East African khanga (also spelled “kanga” after the Swahili name of the common speckled guinea fowl) is a rectangle of pure cotton cloth with a border all around it and printed in bold designs and bright colors. This cotton print is approximately 60 x 45 inches when cut or about 120 x 45 inches uncut

Khanga is usually bought in a pair (2 pieces joined together) and needs to be cut and sewn along the raw edge to separate them before being worn. Kanga is extremely popular in East Africa and is worn daily by millions of women.

This khanga bears a saying "Ninakushukuru Kwa Wema Wako" which translates to "I thank you for your kindness". A fitting gift for many occasions. 


  • By choosing our unstitched clothing fabric, you can design a garment that is suitable for casual or formal events including at the office, parties, festivals, holidays, weddings, and more.
  • It also uses various informational messages mainly dealing with celebrations, anniversaries, jubilees, meetings, advocacy (political campaigning), deaths, etc.
  • Occasionally a blemish will occur in the cotton printing process that may make your dress perfectly imperfect.
  • Khanga and similar fabrics are traditionally worn (today) throughout Africa as wraps and made into dresses, blouses, and other streetwear and couture designs.

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