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UPENDO "Khanga collection"

UPENDO "Khanga collection"

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"Palipo na Amani na Upendo Upo" translate as "Where there is Peace, Love is present".  The “khanga” (the Swahili word for guinea fowl) is a traditional cotton cloth, worn mainly by women in general and bought by many tourists visiting East African.  Today the "khanga" designs have evolved a lot and the choice is endless. These prints are practical and affordable that can be worn for a variety of events like work, errands, cocktail, weddings, graduation, and birthday to name a few.  


  • UPENDO "Khanga collection" is made up of fine cotton fabric and is locally produced in Tanzania, East Africa. 

  • Kanga is usually bought in a pair called "doti" (2 pieces joined together) and needs to be cut and sewn along the raw edge to separate them before being worn. Khanga comes in a rectangular shape, approximately 60 x 45 inches per pair when cut or a full uncut length of approximately 120x45inches.  Our designs also have a proverb, riddle, messages of love, prosperity or religion written on them which is called “Msemo” in Swahili, meaning “a saying”. 

  • Care must be taken when cleaning it to ensure that colors remain vibrant for longer period. Best washed with cold water with like colors. DO NOT USE BLEACH. Use mild detergent. Wash and iron inside out. Line dry or use low heat setting in dying machine. Lightly iron on low heat.


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