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ZANZIBAR "Khanga" collection

ZANZIBAR "Khanga" collection

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Khanga is the East African print with a spoken word! These African print materials literally speak for the wearer. Khanga design has three major parts: “Pindo” – the border made up of sophisticated designs and vivid colors; “Mji” – the center of the fabric where the magic of print showmanship happens; “Jina” – the section of the fabric that displays the written message.


  • ZANZIBAR "Khanga collection" is made up of heavier weight cotton fabric which is perfect for transformation into different attires, perfect for many occasions: beach, party, shopping, or casual.
  • They are usually slightly larger than regular khanga, approximately X by Y inches (A by B cm). It is a rectangle of pure cotton cloth with a border all around it, printed in bold designs and bright colors.  There are unlimited ways to wear the material. Check out our videos on how you too can don your khanga.
  • Care must be taken when cleaning it to ensure that colors remain vibrant for longer period. Best washed with cold water with like colors. DO NOT USE BLEACH. Use mild detergent. Wash and iron inside out. Line dry or use low heat setting in dying machine. Lightly iron on low heat.

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