#365daychallenge...day 4 did not go as planned!

#365daychallenge...day 4 did not go as planned!

Yep...just one of those days when it starts well but the end results is just a flop.

It all started with a casual Friday - last day of work and I thought this was a great opportunity to try out a simple style that was on my mind. So I got all excited and picked out my blue, white and black themed kanga with inspirational words, grabbed my jeans and white tank top and got myself going.

I was even more pumped because I had already fulfilled my goal for the day and that was to hit the gym at 5:30am to start the day right. So you know I was on a roll, RIGHT!!! 

Anyways, as soon as I put the outfit together I could sense that this was not going to work out well. Check out the video here and you will understand why...


Honest review time!
The dead give away that it was not going to serve me well was the restriction on hand movement! Listen...I love comfort and freedom and I was not having it with my hands. That is a NO NO!

Secondly, it kept going out of place and I had to fix it. Again, not my type of style.

All that being said, I still rate it 5/10 because it looked great if I just wanted to take pictures in it. I would definitely try it again, but this time with a bigger kanga like those from Zanzibar that measure slightly bigger than the traditional kangas made from mainland Tanzania. 

Final lesson, never give up and always recalibrate! 

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