#365daychallenge... my favorite day of the week!

#365daychallenge... my favorite day of the week!

It's sabbath (Saturday) and I get to try another outfit for church...even when it is Zoom church...holla!

My goal is also to redeem myself from my 9 year old videographer daughter and her serious reprimand last week on why I was dressed as if I was going to a party the last time we went to church! 

What do you think??? This is what I had on... 

I think the issue here is that she has not seen me with kanga outfits that were not sewn into a skirt or dress. Since this challenge calls for no sewing ideas, then it will call for off the shoulder designs that are new to her.

I was shocked though when she not only liked this new style but went along to video record me in nature and seeing the possibilities and versatility in the style.

See it for yourself here here and let me know if it is something that you are willing to try.

Reflections on day 5!

Comfort ... check!

Cute style ... check!

Ease of wear ... check!

That's it!


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