Why gym, why now...

Why gym, why now...

Okay, so I started focusing more on my core strength and general body health. This has and continues to be a great challenge for me because gym and I are like fire and water. No mixing. But it's a mindset that I am working really hard to change. Pray for a sista!

To make it fun, I have incorporated my 365 day challenge for designing different kanga styles for daily wear, and gym is one of those days.

Which brings me to day 15, another attempt at wearing my kanga to the gym. If you want to see the before gym and how I actually did it... then you are in luck. Just click on the video and you will be ready to go....


But I did promise to write out how this style worked for me on this second run. If you got a chance to read my first gym run you will know that it was a bust! The kanga kept opening up and it just did not do as well as I had hoped for. This time around it was different. The kanga held on nice and tight, only opening when I decide to use it to wipe my sweat off my face. I was super excited!

 In the end...the quest goes on!

And kanga might just have a place in the gym after all!

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