#365daychallenge still on with a new kanga style... day 2

#365daychallenge still on with a new kanga style... day 2

Okay, I officially feel good about this.

At least I am optimistic that within me lies 365+ styles for each day and then some. I think the challenge is in staying true to myself and making sure that the style I create or design will work with my day to day moves. In the end, I can truthfully say that it is possible and the journey was worth it.

So, today was not as bad, only that I felt a bit restricted because the weather was a little cooler than normal. I had to find something that would cover my back but still feel comfortable and stylish. 

I came up with this simple cover using one side of the the kanga pair. In order to better explain how I wore it I will use the schematic below and hope for the best. If you have any questions, please reach out to me via contact page on the website and I will be delighted to help.

First I made sure the words at the bottom of the kanga long side can be read correctly. This indicates that I am wearing the correct side of the material.

Then taking I placed the kanga over my back covering my shoulders, while pulling corner A and C down and towards my back and tying the ends together. these ends will then be covered by the rest of the kanga as you will see in the video below. With some final adjustments to make sure my hands are free to move about, I was ready for the day!

My reflections on the style at the end of the day:

Straight up functional and stylish enough for me for all the zoom calls and meetings. I was able to get around with it including after work kids activities and so forth.

The major con for me was the knot on the back. I had to drive and quite frankly it was annoying! So if you are on the road and having to drive a lot, then this style isn't for you. Unless you use a flat safety pin or brooch to secure the back.

Lastly, at the end of the day, I was messing around with the style to think how I could make it better and I stumbled upon another potential modification that might work better . Come to think of it... that might be a style down the road, weather permitting. So stay tuned for that!




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