#365daychallenge ...today I went to meet the long forgotten frenemy, GYM!

#365daychallenge ...today I went to meet the long forgotten frenemy, GYM!

Okay, I must confess that me and gym are not really friends, more like frenemies!  You see, it all started with the premise that if I need to exercise then all I have to do is walk to the store instead of driving, or dig up my garden instead of lifting dumbbells. But who am I kidding. In this day and age, in the world of computer desk jobs and long distance travelling for work has taken a toll on my young body. So, with much coercing from those who cared, I decided to go and search for the long lost frenemy and try to reconcile.

Since I have to do that, I decided to dedicate today's kanga style challenge to the gym outfit. The practicality of it comes from the fact that kanga is made of cotton and I could use it mostly to wipe sweat from my body during work out and still manage to accessorize a little, you know. But this would require over exertion on my end. Did that happen??? 

NO! But I expected that! My body is built to run but I hold it back by doing more walking...I need to push. No hiding from that!

Thoughts on the style...day 3!

Well, if I had produced sweat, then I believe the style was sufficient to allow for me to use the kanga for wiping out my face (check the video and you will see the efficiency part in untying the kanga and retying it).

As a style, well, I think it helps people like me without a flat stomach to not be so conscious of it, especially when I wear a tight fitting top.

The only part that I personally did not like is the fact that I had to press against the knot on my back while driving. This drives me nuts! I need to come up with a better solution. Otherwise I would try this again and most likely rate it a 7/10.

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