#365daychallenge unique kanga styles... day 1!

#365daychallenge unique kanga styles... day 1!

What am I thinking? A new kanga design for each day's activity?


So, I thought I was onto something here... with excitement,  I pitched my idea to my almost 10 year old daughter while we were prepping for dinner, she did not mince her words.

She paused from cutting her broccoli stems and said..."Mama, you will run out of ideas!"...

I know, it sounded rough, right... but honesty is our policy and she is, after all, my greatest supporter, videographer and so much more!

But, deep inside of me I did feel her concern because it is a concern of mine too. Indeed, what if I run out of ideas? BUT, WHAT IF I DON'T! I guess the only way to find out is, to do it...

But it's too late now. As I write this I realize that I am fully committed and truthfully curious if I can indeed pull this off.

Yes, I am committed to wearing my kanga, any kanga, sometimes re-using the same kanga, clean ones of cause, to design an outfit for the day. Not for pictures and such, but wearing it for real, that entire day or the majority of it. Which means it has to suite the activity for that day...

I anticipate that some days will be harder than others but I am committed to the process. 

And so it begins... day one...outfit for work...check it out below:


 End of day reflections on Day 1 style:

If you haven't yet seen today's style then the video will be of interest to you. 

My take on today was a style that was meant to be professional and edgy to an extent. I liked how I could pull down the neckline and turn it into a loose fitting throw accessory for my otherwise bland yellow top. 

The downside to that was it started falling off the shoulders and I had to keep adjusting it a bit. So, I ended up using one of my trusted brooches to secure the top part on the side of my yellow top to avoid the slip and slide. That turned out better and you can see the end product toward the end of the video.

Overall I would give it a 6/10 with potential for modifications that would make it better next time...

I would really like and appreciate your thoughts and comments on the video's day 1 style for work...

Thanks for taking the time to read this and/or watching the video...

May your days be blessed!

Signing off,


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