How to wear a kanga like a pro without sewing it!!

How to wear a kanga like a pro without sewing it!!

Welcome to MaAfriStyles blog page!

If you are here then that means you have some interest in kanga or own one but are struggling on how you can wear it without sewing it.

You have come to the right place!

In case you needed more information on what kanga is then click here to READ or here to SEE more on that...

So on this article we are going to look at how you too can quickly put together a cute style for going out or for work, bring your AfriStyles out!!

Okay, first things first, get your kanga and a belt of your choice.

We are going to use one side of the kanga for this style today.

Step 1:

Take your kanga and hold it on your back, with the right side of the kanga facing out.

In other words, the side that people can read the words correctly should be facing out.

Step 2:

Hold the longer sides of your kanga out and pull the ends together and tie them on the back of your neck.

But you are not going to cross the kanga on your chest. The kanga will simply go on the back and then to the shoulders and finally to the back of your neck.

Make sure it is sitting comfortably on your neck. Make the adjustment necessary and that should be good.

Step 3:

Now, the next step is to take the bottom of the long side of the kanga and fold it inside itself to the length of choice to create a tighter fitting top. This will give you the height of your top and a proper fit on your body.

So finish up with smoothing the kanga to fit your curves and wrap the other side over with a slight tuck to cover the edge so that it gives a nice finishing.

Step 4:

And the final touch is using your belt to hold everything in place and of cause to give your look that little extra pizzazz!

Okay, this is how it will end up looking, quick nice fitting cute and stylish.

I like to wear this for work sometimes so I throw on top of that a fitted jacket that matches my kanga and I tell you, at that point I am feeling good and ready to step out and rock my style!


That wasn't so hard, was it?

If you enjoyed that, well keep checking out this blog or go to our MaAfriStyles YouTube channel for more styles that you too can rock out!

Until then,

Thank you for reading! Now go and show off your AfriStyles!

~ Maua



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